Citizens' Advisory Committee

Citizens' Advisory Committee

Your Feedback is Heard

The Citizens' Advisory Committee or CAC is an twelve person board that provides input to the ECUA Board of Directors on behalf of the community. ECUA Citizens' Advisory Committee meetings are usually held the third Tuesday of the month; however, schedules are subject to change to accommodate federally observed holidays.

Meetings are held in the ECUA Board Room, 9255 Sturdevant Street, Ellyson Industrial Park, unless otherwise specified. To see the 2019 schedule of Citizens' Advisory Committee meetings, view upcoming meeting agendas or to view meeting archives, click the link below.

Attend a CAC Meeting

ECUA Board Room

9255 Sturdevant St Pensacola, FL 32514

Citizens' Advisory Committee Members

Ms. Vicki H. Campbell, Chairman

Mr. Dale Perkins, Vice Chairman

Ms. Lois Benson

Dr. Larry Walker

Ms. Deborah Benn

Ms. Catherine Booker

Mr. Kevin Hammer

Mr. Chuck Kimball

Mr. Randy Ponson

Ms. Louise Ritz

Ms. Pueschel Schneier

(850) 476-0480Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm
(850) 476-5110Emergency After Hours
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or by writing to the ECUA at9255 Sturdevant Street Pensacola, FL 32514